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If you are sincerely seeking and searching for the truth about life, wouldn’t a book that answers your questions and addresses any objections be of interest? One Heartbeat Away is exactly that…

So many people I’ve talked to wanted to know, “Is this all a blind-faith issue, or can it be a legitimate, calculated leap of faith?” This book provides answers to that question as well as the following:

  • Can you prove there is a God?
  • Doesn’t evolution disprove the existence of God?
  • Can you prove the Bible, the Koran, or any religious book true?
  • What is out there after I die?

All of this information is laid out in a reader-friendly style with many exciting stories—from near death experiences, to what certain celebrities believe, to a guy who is a building jumper. He actually jumps from building to building for fun! I asked him if he had ever missed before . . . what if I told you his answer was, “Yes.”

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